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Simply Clean

Steam Cleaning service to remove dirt build up. This is great for lightly  soiled carpets.

Pricing Per Room 

Minimum Charge $140

Bedroom/Small Room  $60

Living/ Large Room $80

Premium CLean

Includes Odor Removal treatment

Recommended for Medium Soil level

or Homes with pets

Pricing Per Room:

 Minimum Charge: $155

Bedroom/ Small Room $65

Living/ Large Room $90


Elite Clean

Inlcudes all benefits of the Premium Clean 

With added Scotchguard Treatment

to preserve the fresh clean feeling

Pricing Per Room:

 Minimum Charge: $170

Bedroom/ Small Room $70

Living/ Large Room $100

Tile Cleaning

We offer deep cleaning for your tile floors. This process reaches deeper than hand scrubbing or traditional mop and bucket methods.


 In this process we can remove grout stains, and restore your tile to it's original coloring.


Rug Cleaning

Area or Throw rugs that  can't go in the washing machine, can often be professionally cleaned in a rug spa, making your rug look like new again.

We  pick up and return, for your convenience. 


Cleaning for your auto or furniture, in home or business. 

Stain Removal

Stubborn Stain that just won't come out? No problem, we have a solution for that!

Carpet Dyeing

Bleach stains on your floors?

We offer carpet dyeing to cover up those unsightly spots.

Carpet Repair

Frayed carpet, Pet scratching, or uncorrectable staining?

We can repair or patch the affected area.


When a mop and bucket won't cut it, we can use specialized equipment that scrubs at

1200 RPMs to get a truly deep clean.


repair extras
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